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Review for fabindia tea tree cleansing milk and neem tulsi skin toner :

  Hello lovely ladies!! :)
                                 How are you all !  :)  Hope you all are doing good and  lets see what i am going to review for you today !! As i said in my earlier post on a Fabindia product that i picked whatever i needed from the store while shopping with MR. MITTAL 8) . Amongst all my purchases that day from Fabindia my favorite are Fabindia tea tree cleansing milk and neem tulsi skin toner...

Lets have a look at these products :

Price and Packaging : Tea tree cleansing milk is rs.180 for 200 ml pack 
                                             Neem tulsi skin toner is rs.150 for 200 ml pack
Both have shelf life of three years and are packed in beautiful plastic flip cap bottles. Pretty hygienic i must say !! Packaging is really nice but bottles are too heavy to carry inside your travelling kit or bag


What they contain and claim :

Fabindia tea tree cleansing milk : I am very much happy with my this purchase as it is paraben free and hardly contains any chemical. Main ingredients are sesame oil, tea tree essential oil and grape-seed oil . It claims to cleanse and moisturize your skin with the help of tea tree and grape-seed oil.( patch test recommended before use )


Fabindia neem tulsi skin toner :  This toner claims to be alcohol free that contains anti septic and anti bacterial properties. It deep cleanses your skin from impurities and dirt and is specifically ideal for oily skin . Main ingredients are neem leaves extract, reetha extract, rose water, aloe vera extract, glycerine, tulsi oil .(patch test recommended again with this )


My take on both these products :

FABINDIA tea tree cleansing milk : This product has a typical tea tree smell which is neither good nor that bad .It smells as of bark of a tree. It is tolerable enough and from the smell itself we can take the clue that it is much of a natural product .It is milky white in color and texture is as if of a vaseline lotion ... neither too smooth nor runny ... i use it often as winters have arrived and soap based cleansers dry out your skin (still i use them once in two days ) even if it is oily. So , i just apply it over a cotton ball and gently swipe it on my face , leave it for a minute again swipe it using a cotton ball and then rinse it off and then perform my other skin care rituals like toning etc. I even found it good to remove off  everyday makeup but not that good for waterproof eye makeup. It does not cause any breakout but you have to wash it off in the end . It is very gentle on skin and skin feels fresh and nurtured after using it . It is non sticky and makes you feel cool when you apply it ..soothes your skin. I am quite happy with it.


my two long stay lipsticks ...........

cleanser on cotton swab..........

after first swipe .............

after second swipe almost cleared.............

FABINDIA neem tulsi skin toner : Again i am in love with this product too. It smells of a neem soap bar ..fragrance is pleasant but what i did not like about this product is it contains chemicals like imid urea : ( .... The toner that i was using before this was also good but its smell was too strong that i have to close my eyes whenever i applied it .The thing i loved about this toner is that it is alcohol free ( always purchase alcohol free toners ) . It refreshes your face and has really helped in minimizing my skin pores on face . it is water based gentle toner .


good things about tea tree cleanser

  • Nice packaging 
  • texture is good 
  • smell is tolerable
  • paraben free
  • natural ingredients
  • light on skin
  • make skin soft and supple                                        
  • an alternative to soap based cleansers
  • makeup remover
  • price is good 

not so good things about tea tree cleanser :

  • not for waterproof makeup
  • not travel friendly
  • smell could have been better
  • availability in retail

good things about neem tulsi toner :

  • nice packaging
  • smells good
  • alcohol free
  • price is good
  • minimizes pores
  • not too strong as other astringents

not so good things about neem tulsi toner :

  • contains chemicals like imid urea
  • may be not for over sensitive skin
  • availability in retail 
Would not recommend these two for sensitive skin type and toner for dry skin types as it can make skin more dry ......

Hope this post was helpful to you , please leave comments if you like my encourages to write more researched and good.....

Monday, 25 November 2013




               HI ! EVERYONE :)
                                     How are you  guys... Today iam gonna review this youth infinity skin firming night creme from lakme...purchased it a fortnight ago and was waiting for the results to show up on my face so that i can review it for you all.. I was searching for a night creme by nuetrogena (i love nuetrogena products ,suits my oily and sensitive skin very much :* ) but was not available and among other options given by the sales girl i chose lakme youth infinity as she said it is going good in the market . purchased it but was not very sure that will it suit my skin type or not now i am going to share my experience with this creme with you all .....:)


                                  lets check out what lakme youth infinity claims :) Claims to bright and tight skin tone. Brightens skin tone if used regularly .. helps improve elasticity to tighten skin , helps to repair your skin while you you sleep  giving you younger looking skin .Also gives you freedom from dullness, shows spectacular results and makes your skin stay young...  It also claims itself to be non comedogenic (that does not produce acne or pimple on your face ) and tested by dermatologist.


                                Price and packaging : Price is rs.699 for a 50gm. pack. Its a tub packaging and comes in a beautiful silver colored glass bottle that is easy to open but little unhygenic i feel . A white colored creme that is smooth in texture and is niether too hard nor too runny . Fragrance is pleasant to the senses.



                             My take on lakme youth infinity : I am applying it on daily basis from past 15 days and quite happy with the result . I apply it post face wash and after toning my skin . Just put it in dots all over  face and neck the way we apply our foundation make up base and gently massage it into my skin in upward gentle strokes. It apears like as if a white film has been emerged on your skin as the formula takes time to get absorbed initially , but it just takes five minutes and the creme completely gets absobed . I am blessed with a good skin genetically but from some time i am noticing these fine lines on my fore head which any one would hardly notice but they make me really go mad .. Happy with the results the lines are firming up now and a pinkish glow and shine has emerged on my face again... but yes one or two pimples also have surfaced on my skin :( but i think its because this is the first time i am using a retinyl formula based creme . Retinyl do make your skin sensitive when you start using it but skin care specialists recommend that do not get disheartened and quit using it . They will be gone after your skin will get used to the new formula ..This creme doesnot make my skin look oily when i wake up in the morning and is light on the skin. You will start noticing any changes atleast 10 days post its application (with me it was so may be a bit early or late depending on individual skin )


                           Good about lakme youth infinity :
                         1.Nice packaging
                         2.Smells good
                         3.Light on the skin
                         4.Non sticky and non oily
                         5.Firms your skin texture
                         6.Makes your skin glow
                         7.Dermatologist tested

                         Not so good about youth infinity :
                         1.Not for mature skin (it will need a stronger anti ageing formula )
                         2.Does not fulfill its promise as non comedogenic formula
                         3.Bit pricy
                         4.No as such spectacular results as claimed
                         5.Not for super sensitive skin

            All in all its a good creme but wont show you any miraculous results if you have deep lines or wrinkles . Good for beginners in the field of anti ageing products.

                       Will i purchase it again ? : If it further improves my skin tone i will go for it....

                         RATING - 4/5


                                                                                                                 LOVE : NAINA :)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A game of twenty minutes for that fab and fit body


HELLO my lovely ladies :) 

                                How are you ? :)  Today i am going to share with you my mantra for fitness and the news is that your favourite stars follow it too ....Talk about kareena kapoor, its her fab body secret too...I have already written my two posts on fitness and both were regarding healthy eating and food habits that help you remain fit , but as we all know exercise and diet goes hands in hand and nobody can promise you a healthy and great body with any one of these elements missing . If somebody does " don't rely on them " they will be doing more harm than good to you .One element  is incomplete without the other. We can say that  70% diet and 30% of exercise leads you to a 100% fit and healthy body. As i said in my earlier posts fad diets are a strict no no and so do i think about those rigorous workout sessions until and unless you are following your proper diet plan as instructed by your trainer or gym instructor. Now lets see what we all do  !!! join gym for two three months, loose 10,15 kilos and just quit going thinking we have achieved what we needed ...fault lies here!!! ...consistency and dedication is all that matters . My mantra is don't do for two hours a day for three months and quit it , but you can just do it for twenty minutes but must do it on regular basis . Studies have shown that half an hour of exercise gives you similar results as of an one hour exercise ....Following rigorous work out for a month or two and then quitting it gives us the same result that we get when we quit our so called weight loss diets ..we definitely put on double of what we had lost and a saggy skin comes in free for us......:( yes , but thats true :)

                        I personally love doing yoga in the morning . Benefits of yoga are not unheard of , so wont bore explaining them in detail ...would quickly point them out for you :) ... it helps you get relieved from day to day stress , relieves body aches , balance hormones and helps you fight a number of day to day diseases. thanks to my mom who introduced yoga to me when i was just in high school... 

                        These days we all say " Life is too busy to exercise daily yaar" :(   and of course it stands out true ...whether she's a house wife , a professional , a mother who has to send her children school , life is just too fast these days despite number of maids in every house , still we are all too busy to get some free time for ourselves ...I personally feel other than dancing , yoga is an exercise or we can say lifestyle that can be followed at home easily ( but once you have learnt it from a good yoga trainer , baba ramdev has made it so easy these days :p ) . There are many yoga postures that have their own individual benefits for individual problems but if you are in search of a sure shot method without much fuss go for suryanamaskar.... the only yoga exercise that makes each and every part of your body move.... suryanamaskar also known as the mother of all asanas involve 12 postures and is a complete fitness package in itself ....Very much effective in getting that glowing face and toned belly .You can start it from doing thrice a day as your body will not allow you to do more than that when you are just a beginner but slowly and gradually you can extend it to as many times as you want or your schedule allows you ... One round of surya namaskar takes one minute to complete it and twenty minutes means twenty rounds ..

                                                     ref. pic. ( A )

ref. pic. ( B )


                   Things you should keep in mind before starting it  :
                1.Do it empty stomach ( not until after 3hrs.of solid food and 2hrs. of liquid diet).
                2.Don't skip warm up exercise of at least 5 minutes before starting suryanamaskar to avoid injury.
                3.Get a good mat for yourselves , don't do it on bare floor or on too soft mattresses.
                4.Post workout meal within ten minutes( banana , a glass of milk or some porridge is good option)
                5. If you are doing it indoor open all the windows ,doors to let fresh air come in.
                6.Don't cross your body limits..don't push yourself too hard you will only hurt yourself.
                7.Gradually increase the number of times you do it.
                8.No need to invest costly joggers for yourself.

                   Plus points of yoga over other exercises  :
                1.Demands very less space. 
                2. No fitness equipments required other than a good mat.
                3. Free of cost (no gym memberships).
                4.Can be performed in your hotel room also ( when you are in a holiday mood ).
                5.Can be done in your room itself during winters(no need to go out for gym in chilled mornings).
                6.Just need your 20 to 25 minutes daily. 
                7.You don't need to travel anywhere to do it ,saves time that you spent on going to gym & coming                  back.
                       SO, i believe everybody can atleast take out these 20 to 25 minutes from your daily routine to let yourself feel and look the way you want to .You cant make anyone else happy until unless you yourself are happy . YOGA IS THE WAY TO HAPINESS "TRY IT" :)

              NOTE : ref.pic (A) is for all the 12 surnamaskar postures ..
                           ref.pic (B) is for inhaling and exaling to be followed while doing each asana...

Friday, 22 November 2013

winter style 2013 with blue .......hawwwt..:*

winter style trends 2013 .....its all blue ....:*   

                   hello friends ,
                                  Here i come with my first post on fashion . love fashion :) ? ...Yes we all do .....where you get your fashion doze from ? most of us get it from fashion magazines , celebrity dressing's and yes why not designer dresses are the latest passion these days...  Way back it was all about brand names but now it has further shifted to designer labels . You must have often heard your favorite stars on red carpet answering anchors about which designer they are wearing ..." i am wearing rina dhaka " , " i am wearing rocky S" , or "i am wearing rohit bal , sabyasachi , ritu kumar and the list goes on. Who can forget the international brand labels like christian dior , louis vuitton , alberta ferreti , azzaro etc etc. 
                             Its winter time and now winters are not meant to hide under hundred  layers of clothing and being a teddy bear any more . I personally feel winters are more classy . I love winter dressing and omg i swear on wearing long coats , blazers . They make you look stylish with elegance and grace and add that extra charm and oomph factor. Here i am sharing the latest trends this winter season created by international designers ... yes yes i know they make hole in your pocket or most of us are not even rich enough to get that hole done for ourselves but here my idea is to share with you trends that you can follow too . It may not be designer purchases but local brands also give you almost same dressing and styles at  pocket friendly prices . 
                       I found that royal blue is so in this winter so its all blue for you ;p this time .....go for it......


                       A different color handbag and pink collar with beige sandals to off set blue's monotony

                                           Its all blue this time but beige sandals balance the whole look....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                 Perfect for office wear.......but length of trouser is too long to walk wearing it 

                              Loving the idea of blue leather pants with similar printed shirt and wedges..... 

              A blue corporate suit with chic white top to let it not be boring anymore.....



Thursday, 21 November 2013

fabindia haldi chandan mud pack review....NAINAZWAY

Helyo everybody ,

                          Fabindia is a brand name famous for its indo ethnic clothes , their home furnishings , pots and ceramics, furniture and skin care range too. As my skin is oily and sensitive i am always on a hunt for such skin care products that are mild , natural and chemical free . Recently i visited fabindia store believing their skin care range would be organic and chemical free ( i do'nt know why i thought so, may be because i always get my organic india green tea from their store )...I picked up some face packs and cleansers for my oily skin , was in a hurry (As we all know how shopping with husbands is :p  just grab what you like but just cant waste their precious time in checking or judging the product..:) So i just grabbed the basic things i needed for my skin.

                      As my last post was about the clay white face pack that i did not liked much. So, to maintain the link between my last and current post i am reviewing the face pack i am loving these days .Its fabindia haldi chandan mud pack.

                    fabindia haldi chandan mud pack comes in beautiful tub packaging with an extra vacuum cover lid below the main lid ( i love such packaging's and you can ask worth of these empty tub packaging's from your grand ma easy to open this mask smell of multani mitti and chandan both... Price for this 100ml pack is rs.225 and has a shelf life of three years.

                 You can check out all the ingredients it contain in the below pic ....

             And as you can see its not at all chemical free as i thought it would be lets check out what this product claims .:) claims to clear your skin and enhance your complexion if frequently used over a period of time. Contains turmeric extract and sandalwood fragrance and has used multani mitti as a base ingredient... I just applied it after washing my face with Luke warm water. It dried off quickly and was easily rinsed off using tap water . It really soothes your skin and makes it feel fresh . This product is definitely a no no for dry skin can make your skin even more dry . Even i applied my moisturiser after rinsing it off....

            what i loved about this product:
          1. Nicely packed
          2.Good for oily skin
          3.Firms up your skin
          4.Quick dry
          5.Gets rinsed off easily
          6.Skin feels fresh and soothed
          7.dries off your acne or pimples

         what i did not like about this product:
          1.Contains "paraben" a harmful chemical (used to increase shelf life of the product)
          2.Slight smell of chemicals while applying
          3.Not for dry skin types
                Other than that i liked it . Would i repurchase it ? No ....:) Would again hunt for a chemical free mask ...hope i get it soon and review it for you...

                                                                                              love -  naina            

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lotus herbals claywhite black clay face pack

Hiya everyone.....
                   How are you all ? Fit , beautiful , glowing I wish for you all  :) ......I love purchasing mud packs for myself as they help my oily skin to get rid of that extra shine and stickiness....I just love my natural multani mitti bar as an everyday mask but we all know that despite all the benefits we get from our natural home made applications we cant resist ourselves buying these nicely packed face masks from our favourite brands .......

                A month back I purchased Lotus herbals claywhite face pack .It was suggested by the sales girl when I asked her for a mud pack . She asked me to try this black clay mask by lotus herbals....It costs rs.225 for a 120gm. pack and shelf life is three years..It is a grey colored mask with a gentle clove like fragrance.

              So let's see what lotus claywhite face pack claims... Lotus claywhite face pack comes in a light lemon colored tube packaging with a flip back cap .... an easy packaging to work with.....It claims to be a skin whitening face pack that is suitable for all skin types...Contains black clay that is very much rich in minerals and silica and helps in brightening your facial complexion ...It also contains bearberry and liquorice extract both of which helps in lightening skin complexion. So all in all it is made to lighten and brighten your skin tone .

                   After cleaning my face with my regular face wash i took a small amount of it and applied it gently with my finger tips spreading a thin layer evenly on my face..Avoid applying it to your eye zone (a rule for every face pack or mask)..It took at least 10 to 15 minutes to dry off completely and then I just washed it off using luke warm water as i felt it little sticky and hard to wash it using plain tap water .....
                  I did not felt any instant brightening effect on my skin and what i felt was that all my face spots were more visible now.When you apply it in summers it makes your face sweat and does not dry off quickly. I do not think that it would be good enough for oily skin in summers as its texture is little too sticky and is hard to get rid of your skin easily... I had to use cotton ball dipped in rose water to swipe off the left residue on my skin... But in winters you can go for it as we use warm water to rinse it off...

          1.NICE PACKAGING
          2.GOOD PRICE
          5.NON ITCHY
         3.HEAVY ON SKIN

   AN HONEST CONFESSION: I did not like this face pack as i like my other products from lotus herbals . It disappointed me . Too sticky and greasy as a face mask .Would gift it to my husband ;p lol....

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Healthy food habits that make you fit....NAINAZWAY


   Lets discuss food eating habits that will help you remain fit without fuss..... 

               "I AM ON DIET " OR "ARE YOU ON DIET ?"        You must have heard such lines many a times from a friends mouth or from your own ... Can anyone please explain me what is this "on diet " thing means . Does this means eating healthy for a definite period of time or rarely eating anything to loose weight . Does both these things justify a healthy lifestyle forever ? For that definite period its ok but  what after that ? again eating junk and putting on weight that also double of what you have lost when you were on diet ... it happens to all of us who want to remain fit and loose that extra flab ..yes me also ..even i did the same things ,no exception!! ...But today for me on diet means a balanced food eating strategy that you can follow your whole life without depriving yourself of your favorite food items .. and tell me who has so much money to keep buying different sizes at different times for your new body size or you can say your fluctuating body size.....
                      Be smart !! and let food not upset you or make your life stressful ...NO FOOD IS FATTENING ...yes that's true ..." BUT HOW WE EAT IT " decides everything... so here are some tips that i follow to keep myself fit and hope they help you too ...

  •   MY FIRST MEAL : My first meal of the day is the most important meal for me . In morning when i wake up my sugar and energy levels are low as i had not eaten anything from last 10 to 12 hrs. so the first thing that i do when I wake up is have a glass of water and after that have some real food to give my body instant energy . No its not tea { it was but not now } ,its any seasonal fruit like a mango , an apple , banana , pear or kiwi any fruit that you like , and if i do not have any of it in my fruit basket on any day i go for my amla murabba {home made , i will share the recipe soon}. Within half an hour of waking up i eat my fruit as a healthy and timely start will provide my body with optimum nUtrition and starving in the morning will always make you over eat in later hours of the day .. a healthy meal kicks your metabolism and you will get right hunger signals at right time the whole day....  Do follow up with a healthy breakfast like idli , poha , upma , parantha( non FRIED)after one hour of your fruit and i bet half of your fitness battle is won..Pls pls pls do not skip your breakfast.
  • MEAL DISTRIBUTION : I plan six to seven meals in a day that helps me avoid eating  junk as i am always full and contend . Most of us keep starving till noon time and after that we do our what we call it "brunch" . breakfast and lunch together ,you see that saves one meal and calories and see i am smart enough to save my time and calories both . But do you know that starving for long period of time leads you to over eating when you finally decide to sit and eat. My six to seven small meal plan help me digest my food properly and keeps my metabolic rate high . 
  • FOOD IS GOD ,RESPECT IT : Think life without food ! NO LIFE  ...Most essential element of our life is often neglected or abused. Respect your food and give it time as it gives us all the energy to work and earn those million bucks. A food deprived mind and body is never capable to think accurate or act wisely. Whenever i sit to eat i switch off my tv and mobile is kept on silent mode , i sit cross legged so that all the blood flows down to my stomach to help optimum digestion.Chew your food do not swallow it ...Must have heard DRINK YOUR FOOD AND EAT YOUR WATER..switch off all your tv, mobiles, laptops so that you can avoid over eating in negligence.
  • A GLASS OF WATER BEFORE EVERY MEAL: we always hear not to drink water immediately after finishing our food but have you heard that a glass of water before your meal improves digestion and controls your portion ..
  • BIG UTENSILS MEAN BIG TUMMY :The more is the diameter of your thali and bowl the more is the diameter of your waistline. I always opt for small size dishes and bowls as they do not allow you to serve more than you need . Number of chapatis does not matter but size of chapati is what matters.
  • ITS DINNER TIME : A late night dinner is the main culprit for an unbalanced weight and figure.I have my dinner at least two to three hours prior to my sleeping time. Eating my dinner early at 7 pm. has helped me to reduce my belly fat a lot. Never skip your dinner but do have it early. An heavy dinner late at night leaves food undigested in our stomach and it gets converted into fat . My dinner comprises of two small chapatis + vegetable+ curd + salad . AN EARLY DINNER IS THE FULL BATTLE WON , HALF WAS ALREADY WON WITH AN EARLY WAKE UP MEAL AND A HEALTHY BREAKFAST...  
Hope this post helps you to achieve a healthy lifestyle my next post about fitness i will tell you 
how i eat my favourite choco pastries and gulab jamun guilt free .......GOOD LUCK TILL THEN   

                                                                                                                           WID LOVE 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

lakme CC cream review color beige

lakme CC complexion care cream...

                           Lakme is the first Indian high end cosmetic brand that introduced make up to Indian women.....I still remember my mother's unmarried cousin sisters applied all her lakme foundation on their faces to change their complexion at a family function  ... I personally love visiting lakme salon for their facial treatments, they are awesome .. no doubt!!  ... Recently i purchased lakme cc cream also called as complexion care cream ...Lakme claims it to be an all in one cream that moisturises , protects , brightens , conceals and freshen your skin ... after a whole lot of bb creams in market lakme introduced a new name CC cream ... a nice market strategy i must say. It comes in two shades beige and bronze . Beige is for fair to wheatish complexion and bronze for dusky tone. I purchased beige for myself . It cost rs.250 for a 30 ml tube.

                      Lakme CC cream comes in a very nice golden colored tube packaging with a silver cap .I loved the way it's packed as it is very handy and easy to carry , takes very less space in your vanity or your handbag while travelling. Texture of the cream is very smooth being neither too thick nor too runny . You will just need a pea size amount for a nice natural look. I love the way it easily blends into your skin and does not leave your skin patchy like foundation bases do. It did'nt made my skin oily even after being in sun for a long period of time .Its so light on skin that you do'nt feel that you have applied any make up product on your face .I did not skip my neutrogena sun screen because it just provides you coverage from UVB rays and not UVA rays which are the main culprit for ageing . I even applied my daily moisturiser before applying it . Applied a hint of compact also post its application as my skin type is oily...

     2. PRICE IS GOOD.....JUST 250 FOR 30ML.
     8.LONG STAY


    Finally one can say that you can use it whenever you are going out for that natural and non makeup look but it cant take place of your daily skin care routine. I would recommend it as a daily use makeup base product but not as a skin care product. It is an all in one solution for your makeup base .
        As i said it is a replacement for your concealer, foundation, mousse all in one so do'nt forget to remove it using make up remover cream or lotion at the end of the day. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Indian beauty icon Maharani Gayatri Devi..

  MY LOVE FOR MAHARANI GAYATRI DEVI :*                                                                                                      
       TALK ABOUT INDIAN FASHION AND BEAUTY AND THE NAME THAT FIRST COMES  TO MY MIND IS THAT OF MAHARANI GAYATRI DEVI OF JAIPUR RAJASTHAN.....                                                                                    
        HOW CAN I FORGET MY TRIP TO JAIPUR LAST YEAR AND IT WAS SPECIAL FOR ONE MORE REASON ...I WAS GOING TO VISIT THE PLACE THAT WAS RELATED TO MY PERSONAL FAVORITE STYLE ICON MAHARANI GAYATRI DEVI...she was third wife of then maharaja of jaipur" Maharja Man Singh" a renowned polo player. Here are some her pics i would love to SHARE with you all.....                                                     


                                She is not just known for her beauty, grace, elegance, royalty , her chiffon sarees or her collection of gems but also for her carefree nature . She was the one who did not accept to live in purdah as other royal ladies of rajasthan did at that period of time .She went out and reached locals .She supervised the kitchen of her palace , checked palace accounts , went to play badminton and tennis in palace grounds and watched polo. ...rode alongside his maharaja ,an unacceptable thing for the royal ladies at that time in jaipur, wore slacks , drove car ...other than her custom made chiffon sarees from paris  or her bobbed hair, She started maharani gayatri devi school in jaipur
 for girls .She stood out to be a woman of substance. In her political carrier she had won elections by 175000 votes over the runner up for which her name has been recorded in Guinness Book of World Records "THE LARGEST MAJORITY WON BY ANY CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR ANY ELECTION IN ANY DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. ( Source : A PRINCESS REMEMBERS )

Blush by lotus herbals...

  lotus herbals purestay long lasting blush  : NAINAZWAY

                        Blusher is one of my favorite cosmetic product that i love to wear whenever i am out either for shopping , a movie or a dinner date... It gives my face an instant glow and add warmth to my skin texture ... My personal favorite is the natural sun kissed look . Blusher gives shine and radiance to even a dull face if applied properly , but if used wrongly it can even ruin your whole look ... Can make you look like a pussy cat :p    if we over do it.. ha ha ha ! Yes i have seen it many times so the basic funda is "LESS IS MORE" in case of blusher .. I am smiling ...why?   This song is being played on tv while i am writing this post "bebo dia gallan pink pink"!!! Its a punjabi song which means that girl's cheeks are pink pink......:) anyways i think i should concentrate on this post :p

                       My favorite maybelline powder blush expired recently so i went to repurchase it ... I went to two top cosmetic stores in my locality but both offered me cream blush from maybelline as they did'nt had in stock the one i asked for ... I just purchased DREAM TOUCH BLUSH NO.04 FROM MAYBELLINE ... but i dint liked it much and i was at fault because its not meant for oily skin . DREAM TOUCH would do a lot more justice to normal to dry skin . It made my face a little more shiny and oily too.
                                                                                                                                                                                         I went again to purchase a new blush and here i got my LOTUS HERBALS PURESTAY BLUSHER and i must say i am just loving it. Its just ideal for oily skin and gives your cheeks a natural tint ...I purchased no.608 named "ROSE KISS".      
                                                                                                                                                                                              Below given are the PROS for this product  :

        1.100% vegeterian and preservative free
        2.Gives natural finish
        3.Packed in a square case with mirror included
        4.Extra satin cover with the box so , easy to carry 
        5.Smells fantastic
        6.Light on skin and non allergic
                   It has got  shimmer also added to it ...loved the way its packed in a satin cover as it this cover makes it easy to carry in your hand bag and there is no fear of it opening and ruining your handbag and other things you are carrying along with it .


    Cons for this product :I would say the only thing i found negative about this product is that you just get one colour blush in it . These days good brands are also providing you three colors in one single pallet. But otherwise i am just loving it. I know we women are always greedy in case of cosmetics clothes and jewellery....;)  EK SE PET NAHI BHARTA :P KYA KAREN ?!!! :)