Monday, 29 December 2014







Winters are here with bang and finally we can declare it's fall . Hope you all are doing fine and enjoying the weather . Winters are not as draining as summers but Icy cold winds sometimes make it really hard for you to get out of your blanket and dress up . Here in north sun is hardly showing up from last ten days and when today its there people are out like frogs during rains :) Winters could be loved for so many reasons as you don't need to care about the power cuts , bathing twice a day , sticky or bad skin , rubbing ice cubes before makeup to make it stay long , or touch ups after every hour and for that a bag full of paper tissues , but my favourite thing is an excuse for some extra dose of hot cup of tea or hot chocolate .

When it comes to fashion winters throw so many options regarding colours and accessories . You can play with bright colours and can add beanies , caps , ponchos , scarfs and make even a simple outfit stand out . Here I am wearing my basic black sweater from Zara which is super cosy that you can even survive  without any coat or blazer when temperature is as low as 4degrees. I teamed it up with a  pair of oxblood jeans from Vero Moda . Oxblood is the hottest colour this season and you can wear or style in different ways . Pair it with colours like greys , olives , camel , mustards and cream and keep the makeup and accessories minimal to not to make it look gothic. Avoid wearing the matching oxblood lips but don't hesitate to paint your nails in the similar shade if you want to . An oxblood biker jacket is on my wish list this year but sadly haven't found any still .

Here I wore my oxblood with black and added a hint of gold with my golden analog watch and gold anklet heels from Carlton London as accessories , and not to forget about sporty cap to keep myself warm as well as stylish . People are calling Oxblood the new Black but I still feel that Black is Black and it cant be replaced with any other colour in my wardrobe .

Hope you liked the look and do share with me how you are going to incorporate colour oxblood in your wardrobe this winter :)


Sweater , Bag  / Zara , 
Jeans / Vero Moda  ,
Heels / Carlton London
Watch / GUESS
Cap / Accesorize

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Being a girl even if you are on a shopping ban for sometime you just cant restrict yourself to window shopping while on a trip to mall  . You still manage to cheat a bit and same thing happens to me everytime . This time I just happened to stop by the Chambor counter to ask them to show me some nice matte colours from their lipstick collection . I liked their range and although it was hard to choose few as most of the colours were amazing and irresistible , but still managed to pick wisely the colours those were missing in my vanity  . One is BLAZING ORANGE (rs.795 ) from their Extreme Matte collection and another one is number 164 INDIAN FUSION (rs.595 ) from their powder matte range. Powder matte range had been launched by Chambor quite long time back but its always new to you when you lay your hands on it

Chambor launched their extreme matte range earlier this year and as claimed by the brand its more than a lipstick its a matte stick . Extremely soft and creamy texture gives a velvety matte finish . Hydrating light weight formula with rich pigments does not dry out your lips . Super long wear and waterproof formula .

 Although its risky to wear matte colours during winters when your dried lips are giving you hard time still my love for matte colours these days didn't let me change my decision to buy this one on colour swatch . Having scarcity of orange shades in my lipstick collection I was instantly convinced to buy this Blazing Orange as the colour was perfect fierce orange I was looking out for . When tried it was not at all hard to apply or blend on lips as most of other matte lipsticks are , just some gentle strokes does the job very well . Highly pigmented formula itself it works on pigmented lips very well . Does not dry out lips and has no funky fragrance or taste .Stays well for good 6 to 7 hours but would need touch ups after heavy meals . One thing I really liked about this lipstick is it doesn't transfers to your glasses or spoons. Even most high end lipsticks lack when it come to transferability . Would agree that although being matte it has buttery smooth texture and a nice finish when applied on lips . Glides really smooth and butter like .

The only thing that I didn't like about this matte stick is that it needs to be sharpened otherwise I am quite happy with my purchase

Talking about the indian fusion from their powder matte range , with a very normal lipstick packaging  it doesn't look like anything out of box. As described on its cover its a triple action formula that keep your lips hydrated , provides sun protection and has anti ageing properties as well .  Color falls in brick red or basic brown category .On application it really gives you good colour in just one swipe though you can build up the shade if you need to . While choosing colors that fall in coffee or brown shade category I just keep that in check that the shade should not make you look older than your age but this shade being very soft is really great .Very light on lips and has very subtle fragrance . Staying power is good but unlike extreme matte its transferrable onto glasses and spoons . Colour doesnot bleed which is quite expected from it as being a matte shade and no complaints regarding dry lips after application .

I am really loving these two colours from Chambor's matte lipstick collection and would recommend you all to include these in your winter makeup kitty :)

Tuesday, 2 December 2014




  DRESS - Dorothy Perkins from jabong / LEGGINGS - Lifestyle store / HEELS - River Island from Jabong / BAG - Zara / RING - Mango / NECKPIECE - Koovs / SUNGLASSES - New Look from Koovs
Red is the colour of love , unity , bonding , passion and many things more . For Indians its a colour for traditional ceremonies , festivities , rituals and is related to everything auspicious . Red relates to excitement , celebrations and enthusiasm and wearing this colour when my blog journey almost completed a year and also I completed another year of bonding with my lovely husband is truly justifiable . Each year passed with bond growing stronger and understanding each other better . Getting married in a traditional business family with an attitude that doesn't like girls from family working out to earn a living , he was the one who inspired me to do something of my own . And the girl who always dreamt of Bollywood and fashion , Beauty and Fashion blog became a medium to express and share my love for the same . And I am happy that I tried for it :)

From getting pictures clicked on terrace to clicking pictures without caring about the people staring at you on a busy road , I guess I have definitely come far . Shed many inhibitions and fears , become more confident and more than anything else this girl has learnt to say no when things get over demanding and at last have started living for herself . Blog that was just started as a hobby has become my passion now but with passion sometimes there comes uninvited obsession , and obsession invites all the negative things that blocks ones way to happiness , complicate relationships and growth . But blogging is all about bondings , sharings , learning and spreading love , and if sometimes obsession hits me I just think about the reason behind I started Nainazway . It was all for happiness and love . So keeping up with my love for my blog and thanking all the people who always inspired me to continue this journey and the few hidden ones who are always there to buck me up I promise you all that journey with  Nainazway would emerge out much more stronger and livelier . Thanking you all for being there with me through this one year journey :)




Friday, 28 November 2014



Winter comes along with its own skin issues and even if its common to say beauty lies skin deep we can't ignore the importance of good skin . Although one needs to eat healthy for smooth and lustrous skin but taking care of it from outside is equally important . Dry and chapped skin is a big no no as it is directly signals your laziness . Acne or pimples are somehow sometimes not in one's control but at least skin otherwise should not look unattended . In winters we need to take little extra care of our skin and by extra care it doesn't mean one need to overload it with products full of chemicals  but just keep it well moisturised and clean with products chosen wisely that should not harm our skin in the long run .

I was lucky enough to be blessed with very good skin naturally . In fact the only thing I knew for my skin during my teenage days was multani mitti ( calamine ) or aloe vera gel (all in natural form) as my skin is bit oily and Trust me !! I never had bad skin days during my early twenties . But recently due to some health woes and being on antibiotics for almost six months I am noticing my skin getting bit drier and acnes popping out every then and now.  And so my search begin for some good skin care products and being a believer in natural skin care I was looking out for some good organic and natural skin care brand .

Talking about Ayurveda products one comes to think about stinky , smelly and oily skin care products very much unbearable for todays generation . In todays fast moving life one doesn't have time to grind , rub or extract juices from herbs or plants for natural products . Everyone needs readymade solution which is easy to follow and effective too .Some Ayurveda brands that boasts of natural products are still loaded with all the harmful chemicals like paraben , paraffin wax , mineral oil etc. and artificial fragrances but finding FOREST ESSENTIALS was a dream come true . Their mantra is "If you can not eat it , donot use it on your skin " . Products are based and categorized on the basis of three main elements or three faces of beauty , Vata , Pitta , Kapha and are organic cold pressed and chemical free made in traditionally old fashioned way. I have been using their products from past one year and I just noticed that they are the solution for my winter skin woes .

Top on the list is their Kashmiri Saffron and Neem delicate facial cleanser which I have been using past one year and have occupied a permanent place in my beauty basket . It has very subtle and beautiful aroma and is very light on skin . Being chemical free doesn't let your skin dry after wash during winters . It has really helped me during my bad acne days and this is the reason why it deserves and wins my loyalty .
As we all know that Sunscreen is must even during winters . For me as I mostly stay indoors, I don't need a strong sunscreen so this Aloe Vera and Sandalwood sunscreen lotion is just apt for me . Its non sticky and works as a moisturiser too as it contains Aloe Vera . Works great on oily skin and being light doesn't feel like sunscreen at all . Smells really good and gets absorbed by the skin very well. 

My another favourite winter skin care product is their Cane Sugar Lip Scrub . Bought it as I have some fond love for cute little pretty box packaging's . But the product turned out really worth winters as dry lips are very well treated by this lovely scrub . Have orange like citrus taste and smell and really leaves lips soft and supple after application . Though very little in amount I found it bit pricy , but as we say good things come at good price so never mind . I use it everyday twice at least and scrubbing my lips with it before applying matte lipsticks really helps a lot. .

Another winter warrior in my basket is their Aloe Vera Juice . A good option if you are aware of all the benefits of Aloe Vera  for your skin but hesitate smelling or applying it raw . This is by far the best gel I have come across . Without any artificial fragrance it can be used as daily moisturiser and also could be used in face packs . I apply it daily after bath on my face and sometimes if needed on body too .
One product that I am definitely slave of is their Cold Pressed Organic Almond Oil . Smells like real almonds and could be used in many ways during winters . You can apply on your skin whens its dry or mix it with your hair oil to give your hair extra shine and lustre , or use it on your face as an anti ageing product . I just massage few drops of it on my skin before going to bed and get a happy skin free of dryness and blemishes  { Give me an ear :) just add half a spoon of it in your glass of hot milk at night would do wonders for your skin and digestive system too }

So, these were some of my favourites from FOREST ESSENTIALS that I am currently using for my winter skin care and would be trying some new ones from this brand very soon . If you ever get a chance do try their products once as they are really worth giving a try and now just having their stores only in selected ten cities in India does not hold you back from buying them anymore . You can shop their products online on their official site HERE and also at jabong and flipkart  HERE  and  HERE . Any queries related to the above mention products don't hesitate to email me at . Would love to hear from you Guys !! :)




Wednesday, 12 November 2014



With air getting cooler and sun still shining bright in the afternoons this is the time  when you neither want to wear woollens nor cotton does look appropriate for such a weather . This is the time you need to dig out all your silks and satins . Feeling the weather evenings are romantic and you love to dress up a bit . Adding a little more bling never harms too in such a weather . So , I decided to dress up a bit with my Femella satin top and my very comfortable track pants from Forever21 that I bought two three months back but still haven't worn these even once . You could also consider this whole look inspired by the much talked Sports Luxe trend this year  ( Comfortable and wearable fashion with a spirit of athleticism ) 
Top is a wrap up style and too comfortable , although I planned to wear it with a beige skirt but suddenly mood shifted and decided to pair it with similar colour pants . Talking about the brand Femella to which this top belongs is very pocket friendly and available at almost every famous Indian online shopping portal . Stuff is really good and fits are fantastic . They offer you an awesome range at very affordable prices. I love their  skirts , tops and  shift dresses the most . Patterns are really beautiful and not at all puzzling . Very much easy to style even for a beginner fashion curious .
                                                            TOP / FEMELLA
                                                            PANTS / FOREVER21
                                                            HEELS / LIFESTYLE (PAPRIKA )
                                                            BAG / LIFESTYLE
                                                            JEWELLERY / ASSORTED
( Would like to inform that its not a paid promotion but just my personal opinion and love for the brand and being a blogger I should keep informing my readers about the best things available in fashion for them )  Hope you loved the post and would keep coming back with more such fun and fashion inspired posts on the blog soon . Till then Keep smiling and stay stylish :)

Monday, 3 November 2014


Although its practice could be traced back to 150 years but the term Selfie came into recognition in 2012 and finally in 2013 it was announced as the word of the year by the Oxford English dictionary. Many more such terms were further discovered and are everyday being discovered like Braggies (for holiday selfies ) etc etc.


So , what is this selfie thing all about ?? All of you must be already knowing but still let me give a brief introduction to the term . A person clicking his or her own picture is known as selfie .

Technology comes with all its good and bads. Its good to share some light moments with your friends until unless it becomes  headache for you . Selfie has lead to problems like , Self obsession , Self consciousness , Low self esteem , Depression etc . A persons charm , personality or likeliness among his people is quite often judged by the likes he or she gets . Is this criteria really choking you out ??

  • Don't make selfie a parameter to judge your day been good or bad by counting the likes or comments on your picture . 
  • Keep this thing in mind that you don't need people to validate whether you look good or bad .
  • Less likes doesn't mean that you are any less desirable to the world , family or your friends . 
  • Don't take your friends comments in a bad way until unless there is somethimg serious you need to stop . Understand something known as homour if you are posting on a social platform .
  • Avoid posting negative comments on the pics that you don't like yourself . Your comment is not compulsory everywhere . Give respect Get respect :)
  • Remember on social platforms people most of the time share their good moments so don't think that they don't have any problems in their life but you are suffering it all . In fact everyone's going through their own struggle .
  • and if someone's becoming headache for you their always a button called BLOCK . Just block it guys !!
And in the end there's nothing bad about posting a Selfie as it uplifts your mood instantly on a gloomy day when you are feeling low with some good compliments and fun comments from friends and family on your picture . So , keep sharing your fun moments on social media but don't let it become a Self Obsession .

Hope you liked my effort and would keep coming back with more such fun and inspirational posts . Till then keep smiling and stay stylish :)



Thursday, 23 October 2014




                           TUNIC - STYLISTA ( PRIYADARSHINI RAO )
                           PYJAMA PANTS - FABINDIA
                           HEELS - RIVER ISLAND
                           NECKLACE - KOOVS
                           GOLDEN BEAD BANGLE & PURSE - FABINDIA
White stands for peace and tranquillity , and so is my mood and outfit here .Even though summers have already said goodbye but still afternoons are warm enough in north and wearing white helps a lot .The tunic that I am wearing here was on my wish list for such a long time and finally I decided to lay my hands on it .
There is so much hype wearing designer wear these days but buying one is not every ones cup of tea !!        Is it ??      Oh yeah !! Did I tell you about the online designer shopping site where you can buy and flaunt your designer wear at such affordable price . They have such amazing collection at high street price designed specially by India's top most designers . Masaba Gupta , Wendell Rodricks , Monica Dogra , Nishka Lulla :) Do they need any introduction !! Do shop your favourite styles and favourite designers HERE .
The tunic I am wearing here is designed by Priyadarshini Rao and its fabric is just so fantastic that I cant keep my hands off it .It feels like cotton silk and has the right amount of shine and glaze to it making it appropriate to wear it even on a festive occasion . I teamed up my tinkerbell tunic along with pyjama pants I bought from fabindia and being in festive mood adorned the whole outfit with some colourful jewellery . Can you feel my Punjab here ? :)  
So , this was all for today and would keep coming with more outfit and beauty posts on the blog  . Till then stay gorgeous and happy Diwali guys  :)   
SUNAINA MITTAL                                 

Monday, 20 October 2014






Absolutely stands true . but that perfect red is that we all lust for . For me it should almost go with mine every dress , on every occasion , day , night , evening , party , disc , coffee dates , and brighten my dull day or dull face like anything .

Red looks so classy and sophisticated if worn properly . I personally prefer matte reds any day to glossy mattes . On those dry lips days when you are scared of wearing your favourite matte red colour I just scrub my lips with lemon and sugar mixture and then apply my favourite lip balm and I need not worry about my dry and chapped lips anymore .

This is PART - 2 of the red war series where I am going to reveal the perfect red lippy that wins the war and how to wear a perfect red pout was discussed in my earlier part of this post . You can also read it HERE.

3. NYC 305 RUBY
4. SEPHORA 3192B

Some lost due to the staying factor , some lost due to the bleeding factor , some lost due to the color factor itself but the only lipstick that stands out and doesn't disappoint you anytime is Ruby woo by MAC . It looks pleasant on almost every age group and every skin tone . Does not bleed , stays well , doesn't dry out your lips and smells wonderful . I lost my heart to it and recommend all my readers to do buy it if you are a sucker for red lipsticks like me then this the colour that you must own .

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you want me to do an detailed review on any particular red shade you can ask in the comments below or just mail me to

Saturday, 11 October 2014




Fashion world is screaming fall everywhere but here in north I was still waiting for that cool breeze , blossomed leaves , muddy smell and my plaid shirt to get out of my closet . This is the season I love most when neither you are drenched with sweat nor you have to pile up clothes on your body  . Plaid is never out of trend and this is the high time when you take it out of your closet . Plaid shirts are famous with both men and women but I feel it looks more classy on woman than men .
You can style your plaid with a maxi skirt , a biker jacket or basic blazer . Adding some bling to it take it to just another level . If you don't want to spend on the branded labels you can get them stitched getting your own fabric . I wish I could have plaid shirts in every possible colour . Here I teamed it up with basic black leggings and added some silver elements to it as I am in much love with tribal jewellery these days .
As months get colder it could be teamed along with long boots and leather jacket . You can also add a basic woollen scarf to it as it would keep you warm enough and would accentuate your style quotient too . Do share with me how you are going to style your plaid this season and hope you enjoyed this post and any queries related to fashion and beauty do email me at . Would love to hear from you guys . Till then stay Fabulous :)
Sunaina Mittal