Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Hello everyone !!

                  How are you all ? Today on the blog i am going to review my favorite cleanser by Forest Essentials  .... I have sensitive skin that is easily prone to pimples and acne if i use any chemical based formula on it , so i always search and prefer chemical free products for my skin and this time my search ended at Forest Essentials store . I am in love with this brand . They recently opened their store in ludhiana and i went to buy some pure virgin almond oil from them but along with it i bought some hair care and skin care products too . I am just so impressed the way their staff deal and helps you and not compelling at all to sell their each and every product to you . They guide you as per your body and skin needs and the way they  pack their products is just awesome and you should visit their store definitely for once if its  in your city and have that experience yourself guys !! FOREST ESSENTIAL IS KNOWN FOR ITS AYURVEDIC PRODUCTS THAT ARE NOT MADE IN INDUSTRIAL AREAS , ARE NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS AND 100% CHEMICAL FREE .

          One product that i bought from their skin care range is their Delicate Facial Cleanser with Kashmiri Saffron and Neem . From last fifteen days i was just facing these acute acne and zits on my left cheek that were getting worse day by day . Although i have a good clear skin but i was on some medications for whole last month in December and i think these occurred as a side effect of them for sure !! The acne i got this time  were so bad that i was about to make an appointment with some dermatologist to get them checked but here this cleanser came to my rescue :) So, lets check out its review in detail below :

Price and Packaging  : I preferred to buy their travel pack first as to check whether it would suit my skin or not . Its a 50 ml pack for rs. 250 and ans you will have to pay rs.975 for a 200 ml pack . Would sound bit pricey for sure but the quality you get justifies the price of the product .It comes in a plastic bottle packaging with a golden metal cap on it . Packaging is quite convenient to use and only a little desired amount comes out when you press the bottle . This small packaging would be enough for one month usage if we use it twice a day .
SHELF LIFE  : Shelf life is one year from the date of manufacturing and 6 months from the date of opening.                                    

WHAT IT CONTAINS AND CLAIMS  : It contains all organic and natural ingredients given below :
  • Steamed distilled rose water ( we all know how good is it for skin )
  • Steamed distilled marigold water (anti inflammatory and anti microbial effect on skin )
  • Steamed distilled jasmine water ( for natural fragrance )
  • Steamed distilled kewada water ( acts as a good toner and cleanses oil and dirt from skin )
  • Neem infusion 
  • Organic honey 
  • Nagkesar ( useful in each and every skin disorder !! you name it !! )
  • Anantmool ( again useful in skin diseases like pigmentation and acne ) 
  • Pure saffron extract 
  • Kumud ( improves skin tone and its texture )
  • Phenoxyethanol (paraben free ) 
It claims to cleanse your skin removing dirt and exfoliates dead skin making it clean and fresh . Its 100% paraben free and does not contain any mineral oil , petroleum by products , SLS , Sulphate .

MY TAKE ON THE PROCUCT  : I use it twice everyday and a pea size amount is enough for everyday cleansing but if you are using it after removing your heavy party makeup at night you will need double the amount to get the desired clean effect .It is light yellow colored cleanser that does not lather much and has very nice gentle saffron and jasmine fragrance that i really fell in love with . This product showed instant healing effect on my pimples bad acne . They almost dried within two days of using it and the other effect i noticed on my skin is shrunken pores . It does not dries out your skin post wash at all and your skin don't fell stretched and craving for moisture as it feels almost after using every other basic cleanser in winters. It has a soothing effect on the skin and i have noticed that my skin is getting better day by day . It is suitable for all skin types and just the right product for people having sensitive skin. After using this product i almost daily skip my toning step in my skin care regimen at night as i am getting all the benefits of a toner from this cleanser itself .


  • Travel friendly packaging 
  • Chemical free
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Good for every skin type 
  • Does not leaves your skin dry post wash 
  • Paraben free 
  • Product is not tested on animals 
  • Heals acne and zits very well
  • Oils in it are cold pressed by hand 
  • Price ( for such quality it is rightly justified )

WOULD I REPURCHASE : Definitely !! I am just glued to it ;P

RATING :  5 / 5 

I highly recommend this product to give it a try for at least once !! And do let me know whether you liked it or not :) !! Soon i will be reviewing its virgin almond oil that is working wonderfully on my skin !! Till then stay tuned and do share your valuable comments and suggestions on the blog !! They make my day :)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Maybelline Lip Polish POP1 6K259 REVIEW

Hello girls !!
                     How are you all ? Did you try lip polish from maybelline yet !! I bought it yesterday from a beauty store nearby , bought two shades and instantly gifted one to my Aunt :) it was a plum kinda shade and what i was left with was an orange pop shade ... Maybelline has launched Lip Polishes recently in India under its colorsensational range . When i asked for them from my nearby store they said the stock arrived in the morning itself and they were yet to open it and when they opened all the fifteen shades i was just drooling over all of them . Maybelline Lip Polish has not been given any particular names but they fall under pop and glam category and then with different numbers for each color . I will review POP1 today for you . So lets check out the full details below ...



PRICE AND PACKAGING  : This will cost you Rs.450 for a 5 ml. pack which i think is a little overpriced . What do you all say ? Packaging is quite nice as it comes in a transparent glass rectangular bottle with a silver metal cap and a leaf brush inside it to help you better with its application . One thing i really liked is that you can see the color of the lip polish easily from the bottle itself and it feels as if their is lipstick inside it instead of gloss when you first look at it . All in all packaging is cute and travel friendly .

MY TAKE ON THIS PRODUCT : I applied it directly to my lips without applying any type of  lip balm or moisturizer . At very first application it does not deliver any specific color to your lips and i felt it bit heavy and sticky on my lips . On my second application it gave a little coral shade but that also too natural and without any shimmer . It does not have any smell or fragrance like other glosses and although it is heavy on your lips but much less than other lip glosses generally are . Other thing that i noticed that it leave stains on your glasses or spoons whenever you eat and and fades off easily whenever you do so . Not at all a long lasting one ! Shade that you get when you actually apply it is much lighter than the color you see in the bottle .Overall i would say that it is much of a lipgloss than a lipstick but as it is named lip polish it really polishes your lips and gives it a natural instant spark that i really liked . Hydrates your lips very well and does not make it appear flaky or cracky and perfect for thin lips as it makes them appear fuller . Its really good for everyday use and a bliss for college going or working girls as the color is beautifully very subtle and not loud at all . I would also suggest to use it as a top coat with a matte lipstick base that fall under same color category .




WOULD I REPURCHASE  : YES ! but a little brighter shade .

RATING  : 3.5 / 5

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lovely winters and my craze for animal prints ...


                              How are you all ? Today's Sunday and my whole week was spend either travelling , entertaining guests or celebrating lohri and today i just want to stay home and relax and do some blogging ? So for today i don't have any special plans , would be at home cooking something special in my kitchen for family and in the evening would go for some grocery shopping , may be would go for coffee out while doing so !! So , nothing much for today's Sunday , but last Sunday i had an amazing one day trip to nearby hill station Kasauli known for its wonderful , pleasant and pollution free climate !! I just love this place and its special too as i came here for the first time with my favorite friends during my school days ... Weather here this time in January is quite cool but last Sunday sky was clear enough and you can enjoy long walks here on the upper mall which is quite an experience in itself . My two little favorite girls joined us on the trip (husbands cousins ) we had wonderful time there visiting Manki point  (Hanuman Mandir which is very famous as it is said Lord Hanuman kept his feet on this hill while bringing Sanjeevani for Lord Laxman ) saw an old Anglican Church and walked down to the lower mall which is famous for its local eateries and wooden stuff . Here you will find band samosa which is quite famous and yummy too !! not to miss if you go there !! we missed the Tibetan market which is not held in winters here :(
Anyways we enjoyed the lovely weather here and fresh air , long walks towards sunset point and tasty local delicacies and you can check out some glimpses of this beautiful station that i captured along with my outfit post :)



Sometimes i am just lost in my own world !! ;)

Pants : Vero Moda 
Top : Van Huesen 
Scarf : Lifestyle 
Handbag : Rocky S
Boots : thrifted

Saturday, 18 January 2014


Hello friends !
                       Today i am going to review revlon just bitten kissable lip stain for you all . Just purchased it two days back and applied it yesterday . It comes in twelve different shades and i purchased the shade named smitten for myself which is a kind of berry pink shade that is inclined towards a bright pink but as it a lip stain it does not look loud on your lips . Now lets check out the detailed review below :


Price and packaging : I purchased it for rs.700 from my nearby store and checked at an online site that some shades in this range will cost you for rs.600 also . It is a plastic crayon type packaging and you can twist it from bottom to get more of it . It cant be sharpened though . All i would say is "nicely packed" . Shelf life is three years .

How can we define it : Its not just a balm or just a glossy lip-color rather it is both but it is not sticky and heavy on lips like most of the glosses are . Its very non shimmery , light on lips and moisturizing enough . Tip is just perfect to give your lips proper and clean application , but not sure would it give proper application after prolonged use as the tip of it would get flatten and there is no way to sharpen it . It smells really good and i really felt in love with its peppermint fragrance , so cool and soothing to lips . It gives you more than just a tint and the color is long lasting one . One more thing that i really liked is it does not leave any stains when you eat or drink anything . Don't go for it if you a natural lips kinda person as the color it gives to your lips is not anywhere near natural .



Good things :
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Hydrating
  • Smells good
  • Does not leave stains
  • Combo of gloss and balm
  • Good for everyday use
  • Not heavy on lips 
  • Stays well for at least 5 hours
  • Does not bleed

Not so good things :
  • Price ( but due to its quality it is also justified )
  • Cant be sharpened 
  • Will have to use makeup remover to remove it 
Will i repurchase : Yes definitely !! Gonna get some more shades :)
Rating : 4/5

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lakme Absolute Shine Line REVIEW .........


Hi everyone !
                  How are you all ? today i am going to review lakme absolute shine line . These days colored liners are very much in trend . I had tried a golden brown liner previously that i really liked very much and as the color of my eyes is brown too so it really suited me well . But while purchasing olive shade liner i was not sure enough that would it suit me or not .. But i am quite happy with the results so far ... i am really loving its sleek application and smooth finish .So ,cutting it short now lets check out the full review in detail .

Price and Packaging : Lakme Absolute Shine Line will cost you rs.300 for a 4.5 ml pack . It comes in four different shades available online at    Packaging is quite nice . It comes in a plastic body tube and with a metal cap and the brush provided is just too amazing to give you that perfect lining in just one stroke .. I would say that it is a perfect brush for that winged liner look .. Pretty much in love with its brush which is the major part in deciding the worth of any liner as if the applicator brush is good more than half of the job is done .

shelf life  : Shelf life is 30 months from the date of packaging
my take on this product  : I am in love with liner due to its qualities like  its sleek brush and its quick dry property . It  dries out instantly post application and you do not need to sit or wait closing your eyes to let it get dry and not ruin your makeup if got smudged when its wet . But for proper olive color to get noticed on your eyes you will definitely need to apply two to three coats of it otherwise it hardly gets noticed on your eyes . I would recommend it to women with lighter skin tone and those who don't have dark circles around their eyes as on darker skin tones it will be hardly noticed and wont do any justice to your eye makeup ... its a long stay one and does not get smudged if you happen to rub your eyes anytime .. gets off easily when you need to remove it without any fuss or darkening your eyes ...
                                     the look i created with lakme absolute shine line ...

good things : 
  • not over priced 
  • travel friendly
  • applicator brush is just perfect
  • quick dry 
  • smudge proof
  • water based formula 
  • long stay 
  • gets off easily 

not so good things :
  • does not gives you intense color in just one stroke 
would i repurchase : yes !! definitely

rating : 4 / 5
comments and suggestions for any further improvement of review are always appreciated :)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

A coffee date along with a women inspiration story on the blog !!

Hello !!
             How are you all !! and here again i come with my new outfit post which was done at such a short notice that you wont believe .. it just took me 10 minutes to get ready ( after all we are women !! how can we take such less time :p ) . My dear husband was at home and as we all know how harsh these winters are here in punjab , to bring down the chill he craved for coffee and asked me to join ... i never refuse such deals :p !! ( no girl would do !!) he asked me to get ready in just five minutes and here i was ready just in ten minutes ( as i had to change my nail paint :p so it took five minutes extra :p ) ...

Went  shopping a day before with a friend as she need to do some cloth shopping and there i found this shrug that you would see in the pics below and bought it instantly ( although i paid double the price for it which i came to know later as the same piece of cloth was available online just at 50% off :( .... anyways !! here i am sharing some pics that i got clicked before going for coffee with mr. husband ....

 Oh !! and other than that how can i forget about my idea of sharing an inspirational women story with you all that i promised you in my earlier post ... So , as i love reading books and novels too much whenever i get time , these days i was busy reading " diary of a young girl " by Anne Frank ...

 She was a thirteen year school girl who was Jewish and was bound to live her two years of life in hiding from Nazis during world war second ... and its so inspiring how beautifully such little girl has expressed all the feelings and happenings around her during those two years and her unending love for writing , her mixed feelings about her sister , her first love , her relation with her mom and dad all these things are just amazing to read ... and it was her passion for writing that made her so famous after she died ... this book was published after her death .... So , just listen to your heart and follow your dreams ladies they are worth everything in this world ... do what your heart craves to do and you will achieve what you deserve one day definitely !! be honest to your dreams and aspirations !! don't kill them , in the other way round you are actually killing yourself !! I have given enough gyaan ( knowledge) i think :p .. I purchased this book online for just rs. 125. you have other costly options also available for the same book (because of paper quality etc. ) but i purchased it at the minimal price as i believe in drinking my books and not eating their covers :) ... you can purchase it here ...

 Now lets go through my pictures for the coffee date :


a red sling bag appropriate for such occasion as you dont need to carry much !!

added a bit of bling to it to make it look classy !!

pose of the day !! :)

beige colored heels that almost go with every color you wear (a must have in your shoe closet )

sorry for the background in my pics !! construction work is going on at my place , everything is in mess !!
(and still too shy to hold a pose in public for the camera , would overcome with this thing also asap : )

shrug : you can buy it here
      pants : shop nineteen
shoes : marie claire
sling bag and belt : lifestyle at ludhiana
jewellery : fab india store  from patiala

would be coming soon with more on fashion and makeup .. till then have a good day !!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic hand cream review ......


HELLO !! SO , HOW ARE WINTERS TREATING YOU !! Here in punjab winters are really dry and freezing .. You need a plethora of creams and lotions to fight with it . In winters my hands and lips are the main sufferers ... I bought this blossom kochhar's Aroma Magic hand cream to keep my hand soft and wrinkle free ... I had been using it since last week it and really didn't disappoint me at all ... So , here i am going to review this lovely product from aroma magic ...

PRICE AND PACKAGING  : I bought this product for rs. 135 and its a 60gm pack . I chose to try it first so bought the smallest packaging ... This cream comes in a tube packaging with a twist open cap and lid at the top ... So you can open it two ways . You can see the reference pic below for more details ... it is a travel friendly pack , you can carry it anywhere you want to .

SHELF LIFE : 2 Years from the date of manufacturing ...
WHAT IT CLAIMS AND CONTAIN : It claims to treat your daily work , cold and atmospheric agent damaged hands . The essential oils present in it purify and smoothen your rough chapped skin during winters . Contains vitamin E  B5 & cocoa butter to restore skin balance while moisturizing and fighting skin ageing . 
 It contains extracts of rose, orange , aloe vera , wheat germ ,cocoa butter, neroli , almond oil and pure essential oils of carrotseed and jasmine ...

TEXTURE AND SMELL : It is very light pinkish in color and the texture is quite smooth and creamy ... not runny and get absorbed easily into your skin .. its not watery the thing i really liked about it as water based formulas don't get easily absorbed into hands . It has little rose type of fragrance which is really not my type . I don't like rosy fragrances much ( personal choice ) 

MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT : I apply it almost twice a day  or whenever the need arise ... I just wash my hands when done with all my jobs and apply a little amount of it on my hands and gently massage it to let it get absorbed into them ... It has taken place in my everyday skin care regimen both at day and night . It really softens your hands and helps your skin to let not darken during winters . The formula is non greasy and non sticky . All the ingredients that it contain are natural and chemical free and the product is not tested on animals . I am sticking to  non chemical products these days ...try to avoid them as much as possible . So , this is a product for me as it is chemical free and contains everything natural and my favorite skin care component aloe vera too :)
hands post application of aroma magic cream

  • Price is pocket friendly
  • packaging is travel friendly
  • For every skin type 
  • All natural ingredients
  • Not tested on animals 
  • Softens your skin 
  • Anti ageing
  • Contains vitamin E and B5

  • Smell is not that pleasant 
  • Product availability ( not available at every city store but easily available online )
You can buy it here online :


RATING : 4 / 5

Saturday, 4 January 2014

First fashion post of 2014 in stylista dress...

Hello girls !!
                Today's saturday and me eagerly waiting for tomorrows sunday !! have planned a short trip to a nearby hill station kasauli hills with dear husband ... all i did the whole week is just eating , reading and drinking my hot beverages to remain cozy ...yup i had put on some weight but have already started working on it ;)  winters are so chilly here in punjab but sun was being  too kind till yesterday in the afternoons but today its so foggy out there ... but anyways a warm quilt and a mug of coffee will do the trick .
               yesterday it was sunny out there so i decided to go out and shoot a fashion post .. received a beautiful stylista dress last week and i was so eager to wear it that it was almost impossible for me to wait for summers to come to wear it .. so , i just teamed it with a woolen shrug and the job was done !! ... sometimes we girls are so crazy .. are we not ?? :) i teamed the dress with flat comfy sandals and applied just a hint of lakme cc cream for that dewy look (reviewed on the blog  ) ... Hope you will like my effort and comments are welcomed as your comments and suggestion make my day !!:)



                                              Dress : stylista ,  you can shop it here    
                                              Sandals : done by none ..
                                              handbag :forever new 
                                              arm chains : westside 
                                              neckpiece : myntra 

My promise for the inspiring women stories on blog would be coming soon :) till then stay tuned and enjoy your life to full ... My say " you live only once and die just once but in between do as much as you can to make it worth !! dont die your life unlived :) b bye!!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Five myths regarding food when you are on diet :

Hiya friends !!
                  Happy 2014 !! So , what are your new year resolutions this time ?? .. For girls fitness is always on their mind  and when we talk about fitness the first thing that come to our mind is going on a diet plan , following some exercise routine , avoiding eating out often . But, to be honest i don't believe in staring my friends faces at all when they are enjoying their pizza or a chocolate cake pudding . So, cutting it short today we will discuss five general myths about dieting which makes it boring and further making our life boring ... and ultimately what we do ? WE QUIT !! This happens most of the time with most of us ...So , lets see how can we not gain those extra pounds while on diet and still eat our favourite food...!!


ON DIET MEANS A STRICT NO TO FRIED STUFF : Yes, when we go on diet we simply avoid fried food . isn't it ? Doesn't every-time eating boiled or steamed food make food and life both boring . I don't say that its must to eat fried food for a happy life but avoiding it completely is even not necessary . You can have your favorite fried food once a fortnight but the thing we should keep in mind is that make it  is made fresh at home using a good oil (the oil that is fresh and not used before for frying ) . Another thing we should keep in mind is that we should have our fried stuff either in our breakfast or in our lunch time and not at dinner and portion control is must . Eat it hot and fresh is another thing we should always consider while eating fried food .


 EATING DESSERTS WHILE ON DIET IS A SIN  : For people having sweet tooth diet means to die!! ... But now you can still live happily and still be on diet !! A trick to eat your favorite rasmalai , gulab jamun or a chocolate sunday is to eat it as the first thing in the morning .. Our bodies sugar levels are low at this time of day so, our body will convert all the fat and sugar into energy and there is a slightest chance that we will gain weight from those calories .. but again the condition is not overindulge and have it once a fortnight . Another trick is never have your dessert with your main meal but have it as a meal in itself or have it two hours after you had your proper meal . This way you will not overburden your digestive system and body will easily digest it . "Eat it post workout" another trick to eat your favorite dessert .

ON DIET MEANS EATING FRUITS, DRINKING JUICES AND JUST SMELLING THAT YOU CANT EAT :)  : Don't worry !! there is no need to have them all the day. Have them as in between meals and it's must that our main meals doesn't get replaced by them. You should have your well planned and balanced meals including right proportions of fat , proteins, carbs to help your body and digestive system work properly . Whatever nature provides you is healthy and meant to be eaten but in right form and right quantity ... Do you know carbs help your body burn fat , so have them and right amount of fat in diet works as an anti ageing cream on your face .


 SKIPPING MEAL BEFORE GOING TO PARTY : Most of us follow this trick when we have to go for a party or night out . We skip our lunch thinking that the calories consumed there in the party will get compensated by skipping calories from our lunch or breakfast. This is the worst thing ever thought or done !! Instead skipping the meal we should never go hungry to a party, eat a small home cooked meal before going out so that you feal full and not overindulge in the party .


BAKED PRODUCTS IN MARKET ARE A HEALTHIER OPTION : We all keep searching for baked items whenever doing grocery shopping !! dont we ? and feel so clever and happy when find these items in stock . But the truth is that they are just marketing gimmicks that we fall prey to . Instead of eating a full packet of baked biscuits or chips i would prefer a small portion of fried ones as i would be conscious enough that i am eating fried and wont overeat but in case of these baked products that are just lower by 20 to 30 calories per packet we eat them thinking that they will never make us fat . But the truth is that these non fried or baked products use trans fat to provide these products right texture and taste and we binge upon them everyday thinking them as non fattening . 

           So , in the end i will say "THINK WISE AND EAT RIGHT " , " DON'T STARVE " and let me share my favorite quote with you " IF ONE SINGLE HEALTHY MEAL CANT MAKE US SLIM THEN EATING FRIED FOR ONCE WONT MAKE US FAT EITHER " ....
 So, welcome 2014 with happy , wise and healthy eating !! would love to hear from you regarding the post in the comments section below and would love to know any fitness tips that you follow in your everyday life ... till then goodbye .. take care :)