Thursday, 18 September 2014


I am kind of obsessed with red and black these days .. Every single piece of cloth I need to buy turns out black and every lipstick color that I finally settle to is red . So, in my Beauty box I have got some variety of reds that are from different brands and varies with prize range . Everyone out there in fashion and beauty world is screaming that orange is the new red but somehow I still don't want to come out of my Red Love Phase . I guess its gonna stay with me much longer ...

On any gloomy day color your lips red and see the difference . Red can make you feel like a Princess and can instantly uplift your mood .You could be in rags and still look gorgeous if you are wearing the right kind of red lips . So, next time steal the party deal girls wearing your red shade perfectly .  Thing that I like about the colour red is that it suits almost every skin tone and on indian skin tone I bet it looks nothing less than HOT .
The only way to wear a red lipstick is to wear it right .


  1 . Tone down the other makeup elements on your face . If you are wearing red avoid doing bright eyes during day time . Play with your eyeliner thing but don't mess up with bright eyeshadows .
   2 . Prefer wearing a matte shade if you want to make it stay longer and don't want to keep checking it every other second , as there are less chances of a matte colour bleeding .
   3.  Beginners apply it using a lip brush as it would be much easier to fill your lips in the desired shape fuss free .

   4.   Always keep a tissue under your lips so that it doesn't gets to your chin .

   5.  When you are going to wear a bright lip colour and especially when its red always apply loose powder on your face after you are done with your lip makeup as it would hide any freckles that you got near your mouth area while applying the lipstick .

   6. Cross check your teeth before you leave  ( People always end up getting lipstick transferred to their teeth while wearing bright shades .. Personal experience counts !! ;)

   7. Finding it hard to wear a creamy red as sometimes it bleeds unknowingly and you come out looking like a participant in the hallowen party

    Try these trick while opting for a glossy or creamy red :
  • don't use a lip balm instead moisturise your lips with a cold cream .
  • next step is to dab some foundation and loose powder on your lips .
  • outline your lips with a nude color pencil or a shade similar to your lipstick shade as it would help you to fill your lips right and the lip liner would work as a shield .
  • blotting is the key ... bloat it bloat it and again bloat it :)

 These tricks helps me to wear my red perfectly and Hope this post helps you next time you want to color your lips red and any queries regarding fashion fitness or beauty u can email me at

 Interested in knowing which are my favourite reds and that one red that wins the Red War  ??... If Yes !!then keep checking for this space  :)  Till then wear your red and stay gorgeous :)


Sunaina Mittal

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Gone are the days when one had to starve to loose weight . This was the only option that most people knew . But with more exposure to internet and a number of fitness books being published people are getting aware of the right and wrongs in this department . I was among those who fasted twice a week and had only two chapatis whole day , did lot of physical activity but hardly lost any weight Sometimes there is lack of hard work and sometimes we are doing it the wrong way . I was doing the latter one and Instead of getting results it was day by day becoming stressful and all it was leading to fear of eating .
So , here are some of my confessions ( or the way i thought ) :
  1. How can one eat six chapatis a day and still not get fat ?
  2. If i eat that much i would burst 
  3. Skipping breakfast makes you loose weight 
  4. Having carbs just in one meal is sufficient enough
  5. Biscuits can replace proper meals and wont lead to weight gain
  6. How one can eat samosa without worrying about anything ?
So , these were some really rubbish things that were constantly on my mind during my teenage days . But reading some good books on fitness and diet have lead me to eating properly and without any guilt . Of course !! I still don't eat my samosa that often but at least without any fear . You can read my earlier posts on fitness HERE and HERE

Apart from having basic three main meals comprising of right amount of carbs , proteins and fat the in between power foods can actually make you fit and lead you to healthy weight loss . So let the fire burn ( in our tummies ) . Eating power foods in between your main meals really provide kick to your metabolism and helps in burning fat . So here are those five fuss free food items that you can indulge into to get that desired lean body and a reduced waistline for sure :)


  1. COTTAGE CHEESE : Prepare your cheese fresh at home by just squeezing some lemon  juice in  boiling milk . Just 100 gms of it is sufficient to have it in between your meals when hunger bell rings . Make it more appetizing by adding some greens like parsley , mint or coriander leaves . rock salt and lemon juice make it yummier
  2. SOYA MILK: Its available in the market with different flavors . You can store it in your office also if you are a working woman . 
  3. NUTS : Any type of nuts can be easily carried away as they need very little space and don't mess up as they don't leak or spill . Rich in antioxidants and a clean and healthy option too , but avoid the deep fried ones . I prefer a handful of five to six mixed varieties of nuts eaten together .
  4. ROASTED MAKHANA : Just as you make your pop corns you can roast your fox nuts OR aka makhanas in little desi ghee n salt . They taste awesome and are much more nutritious than the pop corns .
  5. LASSI OR CHAACH : Just like soya milk packed Lassi is available everywhere these days , I prefer it home made but if its not possible for you to make it at home have the packed ones . You can also blend your favorite fruit into it to make it more yummier and those who don't like Lassi can have Plain or fruit yogurt instead of it . 
So these are some power foods that You carry easily, You feast on them and Stop your undesired cravings to eat junk . Today its not just about eating healthy but its also about eating smart.