Wednesday, 20 May 2015



We girls love shoes !! Don't we ?  All the shopping apps in my phone are filled with the heels and shoes i yearn for . The one i am wearing here are from Miss Bennet London available at JABONG . I haven't tried anything from their clothing line yet but so far i am quite impressed with their shoes and bags section . They have such latest designs and great quality products at very pocket friendly prices . I recently ordered two pairs of shoes from this brand and i am loving both of them . Designs are so chic and latest and one thing that always matters to me while buying shoes is comfort . I always refrain from buying  shoes that are of poor quality even if they are looking yum and are being sold at irresistible prices . Block heels are very much in trend these days and who could be more happier than me . I do love wearing stilettos but not at the cost of comfort .  Block heels or wedges would always be my first love . With the comfort of flats they make you look more presentable and classy . You can move around in these all day long and still have happy feet at the end of the day . I would name these " practical heels " rather !!                                         
                                       A very good excuse for buying more shoes like ever

                               NO MATTER HOW MUCH I EAT ... THE SHOE STILL FIT !  ;)

  If you are a beginner in terms of shoe collection here are some suggestions for you :)
  • Buy the basic ones first like some black , tan , nude or beige and then go for bright colors like reds and blues .
  •  A pair of golden flats would go with almost everything you wear whether its jeans , shorts , skirts or maxi dresses or even knee length cute girly dresses. So , just go and buy one now :)
  • Keep the designs simple for everyday purpose and try and keep stones embellished and bling heels for party or functional events .
  • Don't just go by the looks of the shoes or heels , try and walk in them and if you are comfortable enough then only go and buy them . An ill fitted or uncomfortable pair would reflect on your face .
  • Never get into tricks thrown by the salesman when they say that a tight fitting shoe would loosen up after some wearing . Avoid buying such shoes as the damage and pain it may cause during that loosening period could stay forever .
  • Avoid buying heels with elastic bands .
  • If you are beginner in terms of wearing high heels first try small kitten heels, platform heels or wedges . Once you get used to these try more pointed and high heels . 
  • Only buy shoes online if you are sure of your size and have tried that brand size before as different brands do have different sizes as well as different fittings . And do make sure that the site has a return policy for shoes .
  • Invest in good brands as they are always great value for your money . Focus on quality rather than quantity .
  • A very important tip that i read somewhere is always buy shoes during afternoon as feet tend to swell during the day and are at their optimum size.

                                                                        SUNAINA MITTAL

Sunday, 5 April 2015


I love it when you have planned to wear something else but at the last moment you just wear what you feel really comfortable in . I am running errands all day long for some major things happening at home front . Totally busy in preparations of welcoming a new member in our family . No No !! m not planning a baby any soon . Its my brother in laws marriage and m quite busy with that . Being MIA from blog for past few weeks have another reason too . Nainazway is going to be a whole new story soon . Working on giving it a better platform and adding some new fun elements too to the blog that i know you all would surely love . That's my second love after Fashion (Any Guesses !! )

             When you are stuck getting one work done after another you need to be comfortable in what you are wearing at least . Shopping is fun when you do it for yourself but when you have to play stylist to someone in the family who could not be convinced readily it becomes all together  a different story . Running from one store to another , eating all the crap that you are offered when you are spending big bucks at a store by the sales executives . How much you refuse they never gonna let you leave without having their sugar loaded drinks and all refined junk at their place . At that particular moment you are like god to them to whom they have to offer their Prasadm religiously . Wish they could do much better in knowing taste of the client in fashion rather than their taste in food , Our jobs would have been much easier .

                This outfit was just thrown together at the last moment while going out . Temperature reaching 35centigrade in Punjab all i could think of was a basic white t shirt with mine so very comfortable sneakers from Converse . They can beat any fancy flat shoes or ballet scenes anytime and don't ever mess with them on the matters of comfort . In addition to that they look so chic too .. isn't it ? If you have had checked my earlier posts you would have known till now that i am hardly a jeans person . I personally don't feel much comfortable in them  ( personal choices right !! ) and especially when you have to continuously sit long hours at one place , i guess leggings become your best friends . So , skipped wearing jeans and went for leggings again this time and a big bag was must to include all the mess you need during summers like sunscreen , water bottle , face mists , hairbands , EDTs , sanitizer , tissues ,  and many things more .  So , this outfit had all the elements that would keep you comfortable and safe during a long day of hopping and jogging in the local markets or fancy malls .

                        Hope you liked this very casual but comfy outfit this time and do share your queries regarding where to shop for wedding if you are in Punjab or need to shop from Punjab ( I can guide you to the best places girls :) !! )

                                  Till then keep loving Nainazway :)


T-shirt / MANGO ( BUY HERE )

Wednesday, 18 March 2015



Hello my lovely beautiful readers how are you all doing ?? This one is a quick outfit post that i shot last Sunday while going out for some window shopping plus watching the new release Dum Laga ke Haisha . How many of you watched it ? I was eagerly waiting for the movie to get released seeing its promos on TV. Although i am not a big fan of Ayushmaan Khurrana but from now onwards i am sure he's on my fav list too but more than him what i liked in this movie was his Co-star Bhumi Pednekar . The girl is i must say extraordinarily talented and not even for a second i felt like i am missing anything like a glamorous or perfect figured heroine in a typical Bollywood movie . She is so graceful and talented that despite the character she was playing in the movie ( you all must be knowing of an overweight girl ) she was looking just so cute . The way she carried herself is a message to all girls out there who think that they are overweight , that carrying yourself with charm and confidence can really make big difference ( stop running after stereotypes ) , So never judge your capability on the basis of your weight or appearance . You are beautiful inside and out just the thing you need to change is your perception about yourself .

                                                              LOVE : SUNAINA MITTAL


Dress , Heels , Metallic Bangles , Sling Bag  /  Forever21
Leggings /Gifted
Gold ring / Mango 
Sunglasses / French Connection ( Borrowed from husband )
Neck Chain / Thrifted ( Bangalore )

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hello my lovely readers . Hope you all are doing great . This is the post that I was bit skeptical to post . Shot this on Sunday when blowing wind and cloudy sky was giving us hard time to get perfect shots . But still i guess some how i managed to put across some of the best shots that we were able to capture . As spring is playing little hide and seek this time, you cant predict what the next day is going to be like .Would you need your socks for the day or not ? But I love that sweet chilly air biting you in your light layered clothes. This is the beauty of this climate i guess , being little mischievous with us . As it was Woman's day last Sunday , it was Mr. husbands idea to pamper me a           
                                        bit and all i was craving was for some fresh air and a long drive .

Idea behind this outfit was to feel super comfortable yet look little dressed up for a late afternoon lunch with some special friends of both of us . So , I wore my black jumpsuit with a floral kimono jacket having lace details to it. Wanted to keep the whole look very minimal so accessorised it a bit with statement earrings that i bought long time back but never wore ,  b,coz as per my taste these shout too big and bit loud . But its always fun to try out things out of your comfort zone and i guess they are not looking bad either . The link hand chain with butterfly motif is probably hinting spring already!!
                                                                             isn't it ? :)

To add some color to my otherwise all black outfit i added color orange on my lips and heels . These suede orange pumps are my recent purchase from my Bangalore trip last month .

                                               Hope you guys liked this look as much as i do :)



Thursday, 26 February 2015


Kama Ayurveda as the name itself suggests is an Organic and Ayurvedic brand that is chemical and artificial fragrance free . Products from this brand were on my shopping list for such a long time ,  but due to its scarce availability online and limited retail outlets i had a hard time getting my hands on it . Ordered it last year in December from a renowned online website that delivers you a curated box of high end cosmetic brands every month , but still not aware what they have been doing with my order so far . No updates from their side . Highly disappointed !! You don't expect such irresponsible attitude from such renowned websites :(

So, I had to search online for Kama Ayurveda nearest retail counter and found out that Empire store at Chandigarh sector 17 is stocking some of their products . So , went to their store and picked some of Kama Ayurveda goodies right away :)

Products that i bought from Kama Ayurveda  :
  1. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intense Oil Treatment 
  2. Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser 
  3. Kama Ayurveda Nimba Purifying Soap

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi oil claims to prevent hair loss , dandruff and premature greying . It also claims to provide natural conditioning to your hair post head wash with a mild shampoo on leaving it for at least thirty minutes into your hair.
I had used Bringadi oil for my hair earlier also but they were from other organic brands . Bringadi oils do have some strong smell but i prefer these over any other artificial fragrance oils in fancy bottles that do more harm than anything good to your hair . One just need to massage Brigandi oil in your scalp for good ten minutes with light hands and leave it for minimum half an hour and maximum 1 hour .Wash your hair after one hour as Bringadi oils contain really strong natural products that should not be kept for more than an hour . Kama Ayurveda Bringadi oil comes with a nozzle cap for easy flow of the product . It doesn't contain any artificial or chemical ingredients and smell is less strong as compared to the Bringadi Oils from other brands that i have used earlier . I skipped using conditioner after using this oil and it did conditioned them well as it claims on its cover . Lets see if it delivers more good results as it claims in the long run . Would be updating you on that too .


Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine face cleanser claims to cleanse your skin gently with natural ingredients it contains . Ideal for removing light makeup from skin and contains Aloe Vera that helps in healing and smoothing of skin . Vetiver and block cumin in it have anti bacterial properties and Jojoba seed oil helps in skin softness , rejuvenation , minimizing fine lines and promoting skin suppleness . It contains essential oil of rose and jasmine that moisturizes skin and also reduce skin marks and scarring .

Kama Ayurveda rose and jasmine face cleaner comes in a round plastic bottle with a dispenser pump that brings out the right amount of product without any wastage . You just need two pumps of it for proper facial cleansing . Doesn't produce much lather and it has very mild rosy fragrance . I personally don't like rose and jasmine based products ( not a fan of their fragrance ) but the store only had rose and jasmine face wash so had to buy it and i am glad that i did . This face wash is really light on skin and doesn't stretches out your skin post wash . I have very sensitive skin when it comes to using face washes or moisturisers . So , i rarely risk to experiment with these two products for my skin . But this face wash has not caused any acne or pimple so far as i am using it for past one week . Its not at all harsh on skin and cleanses skin really well without drying it . These days i am not having any major skin issues so can't dictate whether it treats skin problems like acne or pimples or not but i can assure you that it doesn't invite any of these either . People with sensitive skin can go for it for sure .


Kama Ayurveda Nimba soap is a handmade Ayurvedic soap ideal for sensitive skin . To be honest i bought it thinking Nimba means lemon and i love lemon based products but actually this one is a Neem soap lol . Idea behind using soaps from Ayurvedic brands is to keep our skin free from harmful chemicals that generally non organic cosmetic soaps have but this soap from Kama Ayurveda contains chemical substances like caustic soda , sulphur and perfume and also TFM in it is 65% that declares it as a second category soap . To know about TFM read it HERE . It again disappoints with the way it smells . Totally a turn off when it comes to fragrance but if you have sensitive skin or other skin issues , you can use it for its medicinal properties . Otherwise i would not suggest you to go for it.


I am quite happy with Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Oil and Rose Jasmine face cleanser so far and would be trying more products from this brand in future also .  Any more queries regarding the products above you can ask me in the comments section below or you can also mail me

Thursday, 19 February 2015



OOh la la !! this is what life sounds like these days . Finally i could say that i am in love with the way my life is turning around . February month started on a really good note .Got my blog adsense approved , getting my room reinvented and traveled all alone from Bangalore to Chandigarh for the first time . I know you must be thinking whats big deal in that but i must admit that these days I am making my every little achievement or happening in life count and a reason to celebrate . One thing that i learned from life is Stop Complaining . The day when we stop complaining about the little little things in life the whole world itself becomes ours . When we ourselves can't be perfect whether its our behavior with others , attitude with life , our habits , eating habits , our body , our daily routines then how can we expect life to be always perfect . I particularly feel life being perfect is somewhat boring . Little twist and turns in life makes it more fun and interesting . After a long dark night we value the morning sunshine and after a hot sunny day we feel the worth of cooling stars in the sky during night . So , don't expect life to be perfect but just embrace what it brings with open arms , if you don't like it , try to change it , fight for it and if you love whats happening celebrate it !! In the end every good or bad experience makes you grow wise . Isn't it :)

Now talking about the outfit this is the skirt that i truly adore because of its classic style and comfort . I guess every girl feels a very special bond with pleated skirts from the school days itself . I remember how i used to press my box pleated skirt every morning before going to school so that every single pleat should be neatly defined and tidy . I am glad that these midi box pleated skirts are back in trend again . I chose to buy it in a solid material that makes its pleats really manageable and it doesn't loose its creases whichever way you sit . Instead of pairing it with a single solid color top i paired it with a printed top this time . Although the top and skirt both are from different brands , bought at different times but still their prints compliment each other so well . Finished the whole look with a Black crepe blazer and some cute heels . Not to mention the cute little pouch that i bought from forever21 recently .

Hope you guys loved the way I styled this look and do share with me how would you have styled a similar skirt . Would love to hear from you :) till then keep stalking Nainazway  ;)

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