Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Gone are the days when we used to have very limited choices in terms of hair care products in India . But from past one decade with emerging international brands one is often tempted to try new products every time , and more of online sites have really made such products easily available to us now . There is like a plethora of shampoos , conditioners , serums , oils or spa products in the market launched every then and now when it comes to hair care . I would always suggest that one should stick to the product that one feels is right for them and suits them . When it comes to skincare I often follow this rule but when it comes to hair care I always end up buying new products every time after using a particular brand for maximum three months . Schwarzkopf was the brand I was using lately for my hair before I switched to this new B Blunt hair care range .

B blunt is a brand name associated with famous celebrity hair stylist Adhuna Akhtar who is the face behind a number of hit Bollywood movies like Dil Chahta Hai , Ghajni , Lakshya and many more. Launched in 2014 B Blunt products are specially designed for the Indian hair and according to the Indian weather . B Blunt offers you a three fold style system 1.Prep 2.Style 3. Transform . The much talked about product from B Blunt are their dry shampoo and their one night stand temporary hair colour which are amongst the first few launched of its type in the Indian market . People like me who have tad oily scalp really need to have a choice among such things like dry shampoos which are very few available in India . 

So , now coming to my picks these are the three products that I chose as per my hair type .
  1. B Blunt full on volume shampoo 
  2. B Blunt full on volume conditioner 
  3. B Blunt back to life dry shampoo
I have straight hair and really oily scalp and keeping these two things in my mind I chose to try their Full On Volume range and Dry Shampoo . B Blunt official website has made it really easy for you if you are confused about what product to pick from this brand that would suit you best as per your current styling need . You just need to fill the required information HERE

B blunt full on volume shampoo could be given extra brownie points for its packaging and the bottle colour . You really feel to wash your hair seeing the pretty lemon coloured bottle itself . It comes with a dispenser pump that works great . No leakage or spilling of the product and no need to press those hard air sucked shampoo bottles in the shower anymore . Brings out just the right amount you need. Really impressed with the packaging so far . For hair length like mine you would need at least three pumps of shampoo to clean your hair  .Coming to the fragrance it's very gentle and mild that stays until your hair gets completely dry , but after that it vanishes .
  •  Price       -     Rs. 500
  • Quantity  -     400 ml

I haven't seen such a pretty conditioner bottle in my life till date . A balloon shaped bottle that allows just the required amount of the product .  B Blunt full on volume conditioner works fine on my hair without weighing them down .  Smells quite similar to the B Blunt full on volume shampoo .
  •  PRICE           -      375
  • QUANTITY   -      200 gm
After using both these products from last two weeks i have noticed my hair getting less oilier . Usually i wash my hair almost every alternate day but now i can skip two days without washing them . Hair are less sticky and if we talk about volume it doesn't stay for more than a day . But if scalp gets less greasy its like half of the battle won for people having oily hair like mine .

Talking about the B Blunt back to life shampoo this was on my wish list for quite a long time . I just cant stand my oily sticky hair and as they say " My mood depends how good my hair looks " . Every time i go out i make sure my hair have been washed that day because they get oily on the next day itself post wash . I am quite happy with my dry shampoo purchase as now my hair could be managed without a wash in emergency conditions . This product definitely makes your hair look less greasy and clean but if you are expecting a freshly washed bouncy hair you would be disappointed . Nothing can beat nicely shampooed hair . And also you need to spray a lot of product as little use of it wont make much difference . Save it for those days when you are caught in an impromptu situation and do keep it handy on days when you need to look your best for those extra hair touch ups .
  • PRICE            -     Rs.550
  • QUANTITY   -    125 ml 

I would say that i am quite satisfied with the B Blunt Full On Volume ange so far but wish that dry shampoo works little better in terms of quantity used .  You can buy B Blunt products at your nearby beauty stores or online

  RATING : 3.5 / 5

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I always prefer wearing structured fits rather than sloppy clothes that make you look more flabby than you actually are . Structured fits that fit you well and are neither too tight nor uncomfortable are the best thing in fashion . Peplum tops have all such elements that provide you with a slimmer look and bring out that feminine factor with an oomph . Here I am wearing my newly bought peplum shacket which I picked up from an online shopping portal . A nice peplum dress or top was always on my list but couldn't find the right one for my body type . Some were sleeveless with deep cuts and some seem to hug at the wrong body angles . Peplum can actually make or break your look if not worn right .
Here are few tips that would help you choose the right peplum top or dress as per your body type :
  • Avoid wearing peplum tops or dresses that have too big ruffles if you have very thin waist line .
  • Try to incorporate smaller peplums or wearing a peplum skirt would be better option for petite frame girls as it will make you appear fuller and little curvy .
  • Avoid wearing peplums with baggy pants , chinos , maxi skirts or wide leg pants .
  • Prefer adding thin belts instead of big ones with peplum tops or dresses if you are not tall enough . Wide belts make you appear shorter .
  • While buying a peplum style chose the fabric that's bit solid and have some structure and weight . Pure cotton peplums that don't create any flare are useless in terms of style and money both .
  • Avoid wearing peplums that are too tight as instead of hiding your problem areas they would accentuate it further . A bulged out tummy is always a no no .
  • A line skirts and well fitted tailored trousers work best with peplum tops.  
Here I have paired my peplum with my very comfortable polka dot pants . There is always a pair of flats with me if I need to ditch those heels for a more comfortable and casual look . But heels for sure do have a feel good factor and these heels from Carlton London are very comfortable and one of my best buys . So, it was not much of a pain wearing them for a movie date :)  Hope you guys loved this look and this post helps you choosing a right peplum top or dress for yourself next time .  How are you going to style your peplum do share with me in the comments section . Till then stay gorgeous :)

Saturday, 17 January 2015


We girls love cute packaging's !! Don't we ?? Every time I see cute beauty hampers I cant stop myself giving them a try and when they are from some organic and chemical free brand they become irresistible . Winters comes with its own inflictions of dry skin , chapped lips and cracked heels . I personally suffer from dry heels and if due to foggy mornings I can't rush to my gym or my gym routine gets upset I start getting muscle aches here and there so these days I was searching for a nice body massage oil that should be a cure to all my such problems .

By now I am sure all you beauties out there must be knowing that I am a sucker for natural and chemical free skin care products . Recently I came across brand soulflower which is purely chemical free and  their products are hand made ( hand poured , hand milled , hand cut and hand wrapped ). Soulflower only uses essential and carrier oils , herbs , fruits , vegetables and flower extracts in its products . The brand offers a wide range of natural skin care products along with some pretty room d├ęcor items like floating aroma candles , potpourri's and ceramic diffusers .

Soulflower main mission is to ' fill everyones life with aroma "
Soulflower believe in spa@home and offers tempting , exciting , natural handmade vibrant spa products that transform our hectic urbane life into an oasis of peace and calm . All their products are fresh and organic , 100% vegetarian , chemical and completely animal fat free and to know more you can reach their website here .
As it was my first purchase from Soulflower I decided to buy this irresistible cute happy feet hamper set that contained small quantities of all the products that I needed at the moment . This box contains
  • Happy feet soap
  • Ocean blue aroma bath salt
  • Foot reflexology aroma massage oil
  • Walk in the wood potpourri
The first thing that really attracts is their cute bottle packagins in the hamper and almost all the products in it smell divine . I am using the happy feet vegan soap on daily basis as a feet soap and it really makes a difference how your feet look and cleans them very well . Its a basic soap that's quite big in size and using it on everyday basis will make it last for three months at least . It smells so refreshing and amazing . The best thing about it is that it doesn't make your heels dry and doesn't smell weird like other natural or organic soaps .  
Soulflower ocean blue bath salt could be used daily during bath and could be added to warm water during manicure and pedicure sessions at home . Brand claims to treat body aches , body odors and skin inflammation with this bath salt but haven't felt anything like that still after a week of using it . But may be in the long run it could  . Honestly speaking if the product smells funky i wont be buying it again and this is the case with ocean blue bath salt from soulflower . But I also ordered aroma bath salt tropical sunset along with this hamper which smell really nice so would be using it further instead of this one . Skip this one if you cant tolerate weird smelling products like me .
Its an everyday routine for me to dry my feet with a clean towel after taking bath and apply my favourite foot cream on them . These days I am using this foot reflexology tea tree oil which has bit strong but intresting fragrance to massage my feet . Just a few drops and it delivers instant shine and lustre to the skin . I am constantly on my toes from morning 7.am to 3.pm in the afternoon and when I get this little me time to relax I use this oil again and it really soothes my tired feet . It has a strong tea tree and peppermint fragrance which stays long on your body . Can be used on your body even and I would say this massage oil is a must buy from soulflower .
The last but not the least is their walk in the wood essential oil potpourri . It just smell awesome . Aquatic blue in color I have emptied it in a glass jar and kept it along my bed side table . It looks beautiful and keeps the surrounding fresh and aromatic as well . This could be kept in your almiras also and for that I am definitely going to order some more from their range .
So, I would really recommend this happy feet hamper from Soulflower . Would be a complete package for daily fuss free pedicures at home .
You can shop Soulflower products here here here and here .

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Hello Fellas !! Happy new year to you all and hope 2015 is treating you well . Mine started on a really bad note :( but optimism is what always keep me going on . This year I am all geared up to take new challenges with an optimistic approach . Its all about the attitude you keep about things in life that can change even a negative phase into a positive one and hope this year I am not going to live life agreeing things I am not comfortable doing and would try and be little more independent . So , hands down to my fighter spirit and here I am again with an outfit post on the blog :)

Talking about winter fashion if I could I would love to snuggle up in my blanket wearing my woollen pyjamas or track pants whole day but playing little dress up surely shifts your mood and is a therapy in itself .  Occasionally some random trips to nearby coffee joints give you a reason to dress up a bit too . Here I am wearing laced black jumpsuit ( although its all hidden )that I bought to wear during a special occasion October last year but somehow could not get a chance to wear it . This is my first time I am wearing a jumpsuit and it could not be safer than a black one and wearing it under a jacket if you have love handles to hide lol ... but surely it was looking much better without jacket due to its lace back details . Would be wearing it when season would allow on the blog too .

If you are from north India or have visited it you must be knowing how acute winter weather is here. You need to wear scarfs , stoles , caps or beanies to keep yourself warm and even if you don't like wearing them you have to keep them handy as you never know when a sunny day turns up to be cold windy day in minutes . Here I have created a very simple and effortless monochrome look with my favourite moto jacket and added a shawl to it as it was much cold outside. I never tried or thought of wearing biker jackets myself and was always a long coat lover but blogging surely inspires and allows me to try different things and this is the also one of the  reason why I started it. More than being a dictator of fashion its always fun being a learner and trying new things . What's your say on this winter look of mine . Do share with me in the comments section below . Have a nice time ahead and do keep stopping by Nainazway for more outfit and beauty posts .